A sour memory

During the Funen shooting society’s (Det Forenede Skydeselskab), annual shoot at the medieval castle mound of Næsbyhoved in 1861, King Frederik VII shot this lemon. It is now at Møntergården in Odense. Photo: Jens Gregers Aagaard.


Frederik 7th was the king who lived on the isle of Funen for the longest time. He was a member of the Funen shooting society. During the society’s annual shoot at the medieval castle mound of Næsbyhoved in 1861, the king shot this lemon.

Power and revolt Power has appeared in many guises on this large island at the heart of Denmark. With coins and monuments and by prohibitions and punishments, successive rulers have reminded the people of Funen who was in charge. However, in opposition to this power, rebellion lurked! Funen and Frederik 7th With the introduction of the absolute monarchy in 1660, the centre of power shifted to Copenhagen, and Funen came under the authority of the king’s men. The only exception to this was during the governor period of 1815-1848, when Funen was a kind of state within the state. Christian 8th and, later, his son, Frederik 7th, were both governors of Funen during their respective times as crown princes. Their presence meant that it was easier for the people of Funen to be heard.

This location is part of the exhibition 'Funen – at the centre of the universe', at Møntergården in Odense. Read more about the exhibition on our website.