Game preserve marker

Game preserve marker, 1764. The stone bears the monogram of Frederik V. Underneath the text: V B 1764 N II. The game preserve marker is now at Møntergården in Odense. Photo: Ole Lund Jensen.


Game preserve markers defined the limits of the king’s game preserves (hunting grounds), where all hunting was reserved for the king. This stone is said to come from the farm, Hedvigslund, in Odense. A similar stone still stands in Skibhusene.

Power and revolt Power has appeared in many guises on this large island at the heart of Denmark. With coins and monuments and by prohibitions and punishments, successive rulers have reminded the people of Funen who was in charge. However, in opposition to this power, rebellion lurked! The instruments of power Power has always been on public display on Funen. Signboards and control limit people’s freedom of action and physical punishment was one way of enforcing the law – often in a bloody and brutal way.
This location is part of the exhibition 'Funen – at the centre of the universe', at Møntergården in Odense. Read more about the exhibition on our website.