On the edge of Knudsø (Knud’s Lake) lies Knudhule Holiday and Course Centre, which today offers comfortable facilities for parties and holidays. However, it was actually built as a youth hostel and inaugurated in 1936 under the name Tulstrup Youth Hostel.

It was the vicar of Tulstrup, Ernst Wienberg, who got the idea. He had been in Germany where it was fashionable to hike, and was inspired to collect 10,000 Danish Kroner for its construction. Unfortunately, Wienberg died at few years later, but his wife Elly moved into the hostel and continued to run it on her own. During World War 2 Knudhule was seized by the Germans. First some German pilots arrived. Later on came a transportation convoy was stationed here, and at the end of the war the buildings were used as refugee camp, first for Germans, and then for Polish and Russian refugees. Elly Wienberg resumed her management of the hostel after the occupation, and then married teacher Per Sørensen from Jaungyde. They ran the hostel together until 1971. After this, it was sold and bought a couple of times, and finally in 1997 was purchased by the present owner. But an era ended in 2001, when Knudhule left the Danish Hostel Association. After 65 years as a traditional hostel, Knudhule Holiday & Course Centre now offers accommodation in rooms and cabins with private shower and toilet. Since 1968, the beach itself - Knudhule Beach - has been public property and today it is owned by the Danish Nature Agency. It is run in collaboration with the Municipality of Skanderborg and is one of the municipality's most popular Blue Flag beaches.