Ry Church


Ry Church is known as the”Women’s Church”, because it were women who took the initiative to build it.

However, the proposal to build a church was first made by Ry’s Artisan and Citizen Association in 1901. But nothing happened. So a few years later the town’s newly established women’s association took the initiative to form one more association – an association with the sole purpose of building a church in Ry. The Prime minister himself –I. C. Christensen – was contacted, and promised that the state would help, if Ry citizens themselves could raise at least 2,000 Danish kroner. It took some years, but in 1908, 18,500 Danish Kroner for building a church in Ry was provided for in the state budget, whilst the women themselves raised 3,000 Danish kroner. The site for the church was donated by a local farmer, Anders Andersen, from Lynghoved. The architect was Sophus Frederik Kühnel from Aarhus, and master joiner HP Nilsen from Ry was responsible for construction. On September 29, 1909 the church was finished. On month later, it was consecrated by the bishop of Aarhus Hans Sophus Sorensen. Among the gifts received was an altarpiece, made and donated by artist Poul Steffensen, who had moved to the town a few years earlier. Approximately 400 citizens took part in the consecration of Ry church, which was a large number in 1909.