Ry Sports Centre


The first part of Ry Sports Centre was opened in 1969, and offered the citizens of the town brand new possibilities for partaking in sports and recreation, and for hosting large events.

Among other things, there is room for bingo with more than 1,000 participants, as well as exhibitions and the like. In 1984, the sports centre was enlarged to double its previous size, and since then it has been extended a couple of times. Today Ry Sports Centre consists of 3 covered courts and a gym, a café, various meeting rooms, as well as a soccer department with changing facilities for outdoor training and matches. The next phase will be an outdoor fitness area. This will be supplemented with two other areas at Kildebjerg Ry for active outdoor activities – so-called Pulse Zones. At Ry Sports Centre a play area for children has also been established in cooperation with the machine-factory, Rival, located in Svejstrup.