Sønder Ege


The buildings at Sdr. Ege Strandpark are situated on a former camp site, Sdr. Ege Camping. The open areas toward Knudsø (Knud’s Lake) are open to the public, so there is access for all.

Sdr. Ege Camping was opened in 1962 at the initiative of Ry Artisan and Citizen Association, which worked to promote tourism for the benefit of Ry. For some years, the area by the harbour at Skimminghøj had functioned as an unofficial camp site, but when Sdr. Ege Camping was opened, campers got better facilities, including a kiosk. The site quickly became popular – in the first year about 4,000 campers stayed at the site. In 1978, Ry Artisan and Citizen Association sold the campsite, and it continued as a private initiative until 2003, when Sdr. Ege Strandpark was built based drawings made by the famous architect company, Friis & Moltke. One of the attractions of the public area at Sdr. Ege is a family-friendly beach at Knudsø (Knud’s Lake), where we are now: Knudsø is very deep, in fact one of the country's deepest lakes. The deepest part is up to 29 meters. Rumour has it, that deep down in the lake is a very large creature that nobody has seen, but several anglers believe they have been in contact with it. And the name of the lake? It has nothing to do with someone named Knud, but perhaps the lake is named after the many hill mounds in the area.