Sports Grounds


In 1968 Ry Municipality bought the farm Boelet. This provided new land for urban development, but also for establishing a large sports ground and for building Ry’s Sports Centre.

Previously, Boelet Farm was situated inside the village of Siim, but was moved into new buildings here close to Skanderborgvej around 1960. Ry Sports Club was formed in 1901 on the initiative of head teacher Peder Kristian Fjeldsted. In the early years, the Club used an area that Fjeldsted later bought, and which is today the sports ground of Mølleskolen (the Mill School). The town’s first sports stadium came into use during the war, namely in 1943, in the area between Skanderborgvej and Randersvej, where Stadionallé leads into the open field, also known as the Festival Square to many citizens in Ry. In 1969, the new Ry Sports Centre was opened toether with new, large sports grounds on the former fields of Boelet Farm. The part of the sports grounds, closest to the tunnel under Skanderborgvej, was formerly a bog, as is depicted on several old maps. The farmers dug peat from the bog that lay in a dip in the field. The names of the field were Trind Dahls Fields and Trind Dahls Blocks, and when the bog was drained to the north into a gully leading to Lake Knudsø, the name of the gully was probably just Trind Dahl. When Ry municipality established the sports grounds, the bog was filled up and became part of the playing field. However, still today after heavy rain, this part of the grounds still gets very soft and becomes unusable for sports.