The Golf Course


The golf course at Kildebjerg Ry consists of two courses: an 18-hole golf course, and a 9-hole Pay & Play course. They have been designed by the recognized course architect, Line Mortensen.

Co-designer of the golf facility is the Danish top golfer Søren Kjeldsen, who has played in the European Tour for many years and has participated in tournaments worldwide. The course carries the name Proak Golf Kildebjerg Ry and is owned by the company Proark Golf, which also owns six other golf courses in Denmark. Modern golf is originated in Scotland and possibly dates back to the 12th Century. The golfer’s equipment consists of a set of clubs and a golf ball. The game always takes place outdoors on a course with typically 18 holes resulting in a total walk of 5–6 km. The game starts at a teeing-ground, where the ball is placed on a small stick – a tee. With the fewest possible strokes, the ball should be played into the hole, marked with a flag located on a close-cut green. The area between the teeing-ground and the green is called the fairway, whilst areas with high grass and hazards are called the rough. Hazards may be bunkers, rivers or bridges which make the game more challenging and exciting. You count the number of strokes used from the teeing-ground until the ball enters the hole. The term ‘par’ signifies how many strokes a skilled golfer normally needs to achieve this. Eighteen-hole courses are typically on a par of 72. Three strokes under par is called an Albatross, two strokes under is an eagle, and one stroke under is a birdie. The term bogey is used if you need more strokes than the par for the hole. Within golf, a system has been invented enabling people to play against each other even though they have diffent golf skills. Less experienced golfers are given a handicap representing a number of strokes above the par of the course.