The small sanatorium


100 years ago tuberculosis ravaged Denmark, and a local doctor - Dr. Kristen Isager - made sure that Ry got two sanatoria for female tuberculosis patients. The smallest one was situated here on Søkildevej.

Behind the building was the Danish National Anti-Tuberculosis Association and the sanatorium had room for 12 incurable women. From the start, the small nursing home was run by Miss Kristensen, who worked for Doctor Isager. He was the head doctor at the town’s first and largest sanatorium south of the town. After 25 years of work, Miss Kristensen received the Queen’s Honourable Medal for her service at the sanatorium. In the travel guide about Ry and the Danish Lakelands in 1941, the sanatorium was mentioned during a stroll through the town: We now walk down Søkildevej, walking among pines, hills and houses, and a little later we stand at a place which, through a break in the trees, offers an unhindered view over Knudsø (Knud’s Lake); right here, standing back from the road, lies a rather large, yellow building in villa style, it is "Ry Nursing Homes." This home for female TB patients was built by the Danish National Association for fighting tuberculosis in the year 1913. It is operated by the surrounding municipalities and is headed by Miss Kristensen, whose excellent administration and management has aroused admiration far and wide" The small sanatorium was closed down in 1979 and the buildings sold to the Vindharpen collective. In 1989, this collective was disbanded and later on the buildings were subdivided into freehold apartments.